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Technology and a passion for understanding data are at the core of what we do. We harness this to make sure that you deliver and take the next step on your journey with absolute certainty.

We don’t just talk about delivery, but use the development of our own software products as a means to continue to innovate and progress our thinking. Customers benefit through us constantly investing and evolving in the way that we work.

The original team behind HTI Labs has collectively worked for decades in front-office risk for leading investment banks. They have run teams that have led innovations not just within their areas but that have been championed across the bank. Highlights include:

  • Managing a 10,000-node computing grid
  • Being asked to lead guidance on C# and .NET training
  • Interacting with the Microsoft development team in Redmond and being a leader in the use of technologies such as SQL Server up until 2010
  • Managing short-term production change (developed and released in a morning) alongside longer-term change and strategy with no flexibility in dates
  • Managing global development teams and user communities with expectations of zero downtime, 24 hours a day
  • Regression-testing billion US dollar complex trades to six decimal places before each release and providing full traceability.

All the principles in use today that underpin Big Data packages and cloud computing are things that we have been looking at for over ten years:

  • Moving around large amounts of data is costly in terms of performance; try to get the computation / analysis close to the data
  • Split (shard) your data carefully between computation nodes to prevent unnecessary input/output (I/O) operations
  • If a node appears be functioning incorrectly, take it out of the grid and analyse it offline; make sure your code is genuinely transactional to handle such situations
  • Automate everything around the infrastructure, don’t pretend manual deployments will work
  • Retain all the information you can about the structure, source and use of your data
  • Choosing what you show the users is important; they can’t see everything and appropriate access to the data should be arranged.

The team has grown and evolved and we now work across industries having brought in experience from many other leading organisations. We see a lot of benefit in not being organised in "silos" and genuinely looking for the best technology. Your business is the expert in the functionality of your industry and we can bring the technical insight to work with your team to get the best results.

Some of the areas we could help with

Excel Development

  • We have extensive experience of developing Excel in an enterprise environment
  • The Schematiq product from HTI Labs accelerates development and creates a robust front end for exploring and analysing large quantities of data within Excel

Risk System Development

  • Our team has architected, designed, developed and managed several strategic risk systems for banks
  • We have strong functional knowledge in financial risk

Application Development

  • Development of mission-critical systems is our core business
  • Our methodology is our own, with a full set of processes

Project and Programme Management

  • We are highly experienced in Project, Programme and Development Management
  • Proven techniques for managing change, budgets and estimation in dynamic environments with real-time accuracy

DevOps Consultancy / Rollout

  • Of growing interest to customers is the automation of development processes (Continuous Integration and Testing) together with faster iterations across their systems and projects
  • We have a number of assets / processes in this area which are used to underpin the software development of Schematiq
  • Tools we love to use in the DevOps world include:
    • Mercurial
    • JIRA
    • Confluence
    • TeamCity
    • BitBucket
    • NuGet

Big Data

  • The group has extensive experience of architecting and implementing the next generation of Big Data systems and tools
  • We focus on Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) analytic databases and the next wave of Hadoop implementations which allow for scalable analysis of structured data

Data Science / Analytics

  • We provide extensive analytical capabilities in everything from social network analysis to risk metrics to customer retention
  • We have several years of experience in developing models using tools such as R

Technical Architecture

  • We offer consultancy on technical architecture that is appropriate and can be delivered.


Innovation is at the core of what we do and employees are allocated 10 days a year to focus solely on their initiatives within our markets. Once reviewed and qualified we invest our staff’s time in taking these ideas further. When finalised we bring the products to market or use them as an asset for our consultancy engagements.

We pride ourselves on our independence, but have built long-standing relationships with partners we see leading the way. This allows us deep access to their resources and training but we remain committed to finding the most appropriate solution for you. Our partnerships include:

  • HP Vertica – our longest established partner in the UK
  • Microsoft – BizSpark / Partner, and we work with their Consultancy Services group on some engagements
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – one of the leading UK implementers for Enterprise in Financial Services
  • Rackspace Partner – the web's top company for managed cloud hosting

We use AWS for our internal development processes, while Microsoft Azure is used for some computation and to host this website!

We have deep relationships with our technology partners and work with them on white papers and consultancy engagements as well as using their products on our projects.


The easiest thing to do is to contact us and ask us to come and speak to you to see if we might be able to help you!

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