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Leveraging our extensive experience of putting advanced analytics and data processing capabilities into the hands of Finance Traders, the HTI team have developed Schematiq, a self-service analytics platform for Microsoft Excel Users.

Consisting of 4 components - Workbench. Asset Manager, Server & Portal, the HTI team have leveraged the Schematiq Platform to deliver business transformational capabilities to our clients.

Project tools


  • Experienced resources
  • Wide usage of new data/analysis technologies
  • Technical training and reading by all staff
  • Focused on delivery, not just theory

Project tools

  • Full set of industry-leading tools pre-configured that can be used for client engagements
  • Tools can normally be leveraged by the client if appropriate
  • End-to-end capability from initial idea gathering to deployment of code items
  • We are happy to use the clients' tools if more appropriate


  • Developed by HTI Labs over 3 years and in client production use
  • Allows rapid data analysis in Excel
  • Can quickly update and extend existing Excel reports
  • Will connect to multiple data sources to allow cross-format joins (including many Big Data technologies)
  • Can be used by client on an ongoing basis


  • Continuous innovation encouraged
  • Data-driven analysis to seek out priorities, risks and issues
  • Hands-on early in the project to reduce risk and speculation
  • Inception to handover to production
  • May be used alongside client's methodologies.

Energy Trading Workbench

When one of the world's largest power companies needed help with their front-office risk architecture, they knew whom to ask.