HTI Labs selected for London Stock Exchange ELITE scheme Published 23rd Nov 2014

HTI Labs is very proud to announce that they have been accepted on to the London Stock Exchange ELITE scheme.


As a fast growing technology company based in London there are a raft of incubation/ growth schemes many of which have been recommended for HTI Labs. Up until now we've decided not to accept the offers or even apply to many of the schemes. When we found out about the LSE ELITE scheme it was clear it was tough to be accepted but would provide us with good steer that would allow us to continue to grow and deliver great service to our customers. The London Stock Exchange's programme is run with Imperial College Business School. The selection process means that they target UK companies that are already established and their guideline is for companies to have a £5m turnover that is growing rapidly. Full details of the scheme can be found here.

Two of the Directors of HTI Labs (Rupert Jessop and Darren Harris) attended the launch event in November 2014 and meeting the other 15 members of the second Elite cohort. (You can tell the academics are involved when you are not a group but a 'cohort'). This diverse group of fast growing UK companies follows the initial cohort that started in April. The overall group includes a number of names that may be familiar to you and a further set that are growing quickly in the background, see the complete list here.

This second cohort were welcomed to the programme with some introductory words of wisdom and then thrust in to the limelight to start the stock market for that day. Those of you that know Darren and Rupert will have no problem spotting them in this photo.

A great day (and night) followed where we were educated, filmed and most importantly met great companies wrestling with their high growth and innovative ways of working. HTI Labs felt like it was in the right place and relishes being part of this scheme over the next two years.

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