Another day, another out of body experience Published 6th Nov 2014

So everyone says it, but the reality is that we do like to do something different when we get the team together to go out for a night. Previous highlights have included a trip to see Ghostbusters as part of Secret Cinema's all encompassing production where the night spiralled in to dancing around to 80s tunes with goggles on our head and taunting a 100ft stay puft marshmallow man.

Experiencing Ghostbusters is all fine and dandy, but the HTI Labs bunch are quite competitive. Don't get me wrong we love working together, but on projects we want to be the best team the client has seen and internally we push each other and love competing with each other. We also like to be early adopters of things that we hear are great somehow. So how do you wrap this up in a team event? Well to celebrate Halloween and because it was a couple of months since our last event with most of the company there we decided to take onĀ 2.8hrs Later.

Another great experience where the more you throw yourself in to it the more you get out of it. The team assembled with a rag bag of approaches from those who had just about managed to put on some trainers and jump out of the office (get on a plane and still make it) combined with those who had seemingly dressed head to toe in black to blend in to the night and get stealthy.

To tell you too much about the event would spoil it for those of you that might do it in the future. Essentially a massive puzzle-chase-zombie-scary thing based around a whole section of London's dark streets that none of us had been to. Never quite knowing who was there to help, who was infected and desperately trying to read a map you have to come up with novel ways (and a good burst of speed) to avoid he zombies. Can you make it back without being infected?

The level of organisation, the mass of complex organisation the 2.8hrs later team take on and the imagination they throw at it made us all say how far away the experience was from our old jobs!

Particular highlights include me being constantly called the 'sandbag' which I foolishly explained as a British army term for the large guy you want to put at the front to take the first shot. I think this is a term that might make it back in to the workplace... So now you know what my internal nickname is. Other members of the team proved their cunning, guile and bravery but now it's confirmed what the team want to use me for.

We are the guys to talk to about Big Data and it's been joked on with clients that most of the team are literally big and is this part of our selection criteria. Needless to say its not, but often I'm the shortest one in a room and I'm the biggest (by a big head) in my family! So it was somewhat inevitable that two of our biggest units whilst running from zombies clattered in to each other and a wall. I understand the wall came off worse, but exact details are still being debated.

Without a doubt though the highlight was JPD getting 'infected' and throwing themselves in to a make up tent. The result and the commitment to wrecking a shirt was brilliant. At the after party, Sarunas could do nothing more than get captured on film with Zombie JPD:

Please add your potential captions to the comments below, there may even be a prize for the best one. Captions made so far include:

  • Sarunas has one of those bad pair programming experiences that he doesn't want to talk about
  • Sarunas finds someone who actually has an understanding of <insert large tech company name> of their company's Big Data/ Cloud strategy
  • JPD codes so much he bleeds from his eyes.

Please do suggest more....


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