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"Big Confusion"

Published 8th Nov 2012

Has one term ever caused so much confusion? Darren looks at the misunderstandings of the term 'Big Data'.

Sure It's There, But How Can I See It?

Published 10th May 2012

We always talk about optimising ourselves or customers for search engines and rankings to help us find data. How about within an enterprise, how do you make your data easy to find and interact with? Jonathan has some ideas.

Data and Agility in the IT Organization

Published 3rd Apr 2012

Darren looks at real-life examples of how to get agility in to using and analysing data in enterprise.

Idea Stories - Stories for Selling Your Ideas

Published 3rd Feb 2012

You know you've got to have the ideas, but the question then becomes how do I convey these ideas. Here's a tip for getting that great idea moving in enterprise.