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HTI Labs achieve HP Gold Partner status for Big Data work

Published 21st Nov 2014

HTI Labs have been recognised as a key partner for HP in Big Data and analytics.

Another day, another out of body experience

Published 6th Nov 2014

To celebrate Halloween and just because we like doing things that are a little bit different when we get together the team got together to run for their lives and get through the zombie apocalypse. Warning! This piece has a few bad references to development/ IT and zombies....

Using TeamCity to Assemble Features into Releases

Published 2nd Oct 2014

Jonathan takes a look a how we use TeamCity for our releases and what work JetBrains still need to do to improve their great Continuous Integration tool.

Excel Bites - Self-Sizing Validation Lists

Published 2nd Oct 2014

Ever wrestled with data validation and drop-down lists in Excel. Always want to add another value and not spend time resetting the validation rule or having blank cells in a list? Jonathan has the answer...

Amazon AWS Summit 2014 Presentations

Published 13th May 2014

The Amazon AWS Summit in London offered an insight in to the ever growing offering that AWS provide. Their investment in their cloud offering sees no sign of abating and we love to be at the forefront in this technical space. Darren went along and has gathered together in this post easy links to much of the content presented.

Fanatical About Build

Published 8th Apr 2014

Don't overlook the build process in development projects. There's a big difference between coding and software engineering. Jonathan makes the case for putting build at the centre of everything.